Cal State San Bernardino alumnus and Ontario Police Detective Cameron Williams (15’ BS, kinesiology), says he’s thankful for the education he received at the university and that his college experience introduced him to the real world. 

“CSUSB was kind of that perfect area,” he said. “It was close enough to home, so I could still see my family and far enough away where I can kind of start my life and get used to living by myself.” 

Growing up playing sports, Williams took an interest in kinesiology. “I always said well if I'm not going to be a professional, which I wasn't that great, what else am I going to do?” he said. “Seeing athletic training in kinesiology was something that interested me.”

While in college, Williams knew he had to start thinking about the career he wanted after graduation. He always had an interest in law enforcement because his father was a police officer. CSUSB gave Williams the opportunity to explore the career field while completing school. After Williams became a community service officer for the University Police Department at CSUSB, he knew it was the path he wanted to take. 

“I instantly fell in love. Being a CSO definitely helped me into transition and become a sworn officer,” Williams said. 

And his degree in kinesiology came in handy: Williams was able to utilize his knowledge to help his partners who would suffer minor injuries throughout the academy. “The kinesiology education helped me and my partners. I was able to take care of them and give them suggestions on what they may be able to do to recover from the injury.”

His motivation to go to college came from his parents, who stressed the importance of having a meaningful education. Williams is proud when he talks about how his time at CSUSB helped him be successful in the police department. 

He began his career with Ontario Police Department two weeks after graduating from CSUSB. He has served as a member of the Community Engagement Team, Honor Guard, Creative Media Team, Mobile Field Force, and has specialized training in street racing enforcement and investigations. For the past two years, Williams has served as a corporal on patrol until his recent promotion to detective. 

Not only did CSUSB help him with his career, but it inspired him to continue his education. 

“Seeing how much Cal State San Bernardino helped me with my career, I actually went back to school to get my master's degree,” he said. “It's that sense of pride knowing that those four years that I spent there were special.” 

Williams is passionate about his education and career, and hopes to be an inspiration to all CSUSB students.