Shannon D. Dicus '93, started his career in law enforcement in 1991, shortly before earning his BA in criminal justice at Cal State San Bernardino. Subsequent to his graduation, he quickly learned that his college education and degree were crucial for advancing in the sheriff's department.

"...As you progress through your career, you start to get into the business side of law enforcement. And the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department is an $800 million dollar business and you need to understand how to run it," Dicus said, following with gratitude for his CSUSB professors, who brought wisdom and experience to his chosen field of study.

Dicus specifically credits the university for his leadership skills, which aided him in being appointed as San Bernardino County sheriff in July 2021 and elected sheriff in June 2022. Being a good leader, he says, means being a good communicator and listener, which is integral when policing a community that sees law enforcement as a valued partner. Dicus stresses the importance of getting a college degree and recommends his alma mater to prospective students for one-on-one interactions with professors invested in student success.