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Hate crimes in big cities hit record high for second year in a row, new data compiled by CSUSB center shows
USA Today
Aug. 29, 2023

Brian Levin, the retiring director of the CSUSB Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism, was interviewed for an article examining hate crimes in the aftermath of the Aug. 26 shooting in Jacksonville, Fla., that killed three Black residents. Last year, as has been the case every year since the count began, most hate-crime victims were Black, according to the center, which collects and analyzes official state and municipal hate crime data sets, the newspaper reported.

Levin, who has been helping collate hate crime data across the country since 1986, said while the number of crimes has dipped somewhat so far this year, he’s concerned about the presidential election season, which has historically brought with it elevated levels of hate crime. 

“We really believe that this is the eye of the storm,” Levin said. “We consistently see that election years are not only elevated, but we have hundreds and hundreds of more hate crimes during those times.” 

The COVID-19 pandemic and the military: Lessons learned for readiness and resilience
Military Psychology

Nicholas Moon, assistant professor of psychology, coauthored a study about military readiness during the COVID-19 pandemic. The authors examined “the trials of the pandemic, as experienced by key military stakeholders such as global military units, families, and veterans. … Perhaps most importantly, the authors share the lessons learned from After Action Reviews of the pandemic, so that key success factors such as resilience and adaptability can be leveraged in future crises.”

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