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At local universities, an effort to better understand love in all its forms
Feb. 14, 2025

For Megan Carroll, the effort to help people see Valentine’s Day as much more than what society has turned it into is as much a professional endeavor as a personal one.

“It is a nice day to celebrate love,” said Carroll, a CSU San Bernardino sociology professor, “but it's important to remember that love can come in all kinds of forms just like families and relationships can come in all kinds of forms.”

Those forms include, she said, people who are asexual, people who are aromantic, people who are polyamorous, and others who don’t live up to what she says are society’s ideals of romance and sex.

Exploring the Role of Psycho-Social Factors on the Recidivism of Homicide Offenders
Homicide Studies

Nicole Collier (criminal justice) cowrote a paper on “the effect of cumulative psychological and social risk factors on recidivism patterns for homicide offenders released in Florida between 2004 and 2011. Analyses of 4,323 homicide offenders indicate that the influence of cumulative psycho-social risk factors varies depending on the measure of recidivism and the statistical method used.”

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