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Everything to know about Gleeden, the extra-marital dating app where 20% users are Indians
Business Insider India
Jan. 28, 2023

Kelly Campbell, professor of psychology at California State University, San Bernardino, was quoted in an article about the use in India of a dating app that promotes extra-marital affairs, and why so many are turning to it. In an interview published in Brides magazine, Campbell said, “Researchers find that partnerships characterized by dissatisfaction, unfulfilling sex, and high conflict are at higher risk for infidelity. The more dissimilar partners are—in terms of personality, education level, and other factors—the more likely they are to experience infidelity."

The Effect of Pronatalist Rhetoric on Women's Fertility Preferences in Turkey
Population and Development Review

Yasemin Dildar, associate professor of economics, published a paper that analyzes the impact of pronatalist rhetoric on women's fertility preferences in Turkey using a mixed-methods approach. Since 2008, Prime Minister (and since 2014 President) Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has given speeches about the necessity of increasing fertility and has demanded at least three children from families.

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