Viktor Wang, associate professor of educational leadership and technology at Cal State San Bernardino, has published his latest book, “Handbook of Research on Educational Leadership and Research Methodology,” which discusses the evolution of educational leadership knowledge, thoughts and practices by sharing the perspectives, experiences, theories and philosophies related to educational leadership and research methodologies across all levels of education.

Covering topics such as critical race design, toxic leadership and adult learning, this major reference work is a critical resource for faculty and administrators of both K-12 and higher education, principals, superintendents, chancellors, directors, pre-service teachers, teaching instructors, government officials, librarians, researchers and academicians.

“Pivotal to the nature of society is education and the education of leadership,” said Wang, who teaches in the CSUSB James R. Watson and Judy Rodriguez Watson College of Education’s Department of Educational Leadership & Technology under chair Joseph Scarcella. “As educational institutions experience increasing pressures from the forces of globalization, change and uncertainty, an urgent item on society’s agenda is critical reflection and introspection on educational leadership. Leadership is a perennially unfinished project, and educational leadership is no different.

“A strong base of reliable, verifiable knowledge is needed to foster evolution of educational leadership capabilities across a diversity of domains. Innovative research methodology grows this body of knowledge to create reliable, verifiable knowledge of educational leadership, which in turn moves our organizations and societies forward in the 21st century,” Wang said.

“The profound changes occurring in education are well captured in Viktor Wang’s new ‘Handbook of Research on Educational Leadership and Research Methodology,’” said Montgomery Van Wart, CSUSB director of Faculty Development and professor of public administration. “For example, the issues related to anti-racist educational design and academic inclusion in three chapters provide a state-of-the-art discussion of DEI – diversity, equity and inclusion – one of today’s most prominent topics. The text also covers traditional topics within the current context ranging from educational standards to candidate selection and training to learner-led synchronous discussions. It is accessible to upper division and master’s-level students and should be a mainstay for doctoral programs and educational researchers.”

“I am thrilled to recommend this timely and significant book,” said CSUSB President Tomás D. Morales. “Given the challenging and even turbulent times in which we live, there is a need for just this kind of research into the nature of successful leadership in education. What makes this book even more remarkable is that it does so from the perspective of academic leaders from so many countries and contexts. I am proud of Professor Wang’s work, which represents our university well as a vital center of higher education thought and practice.”  

“I am very pleased to have published my 56th refereed book on behalf of CSUSB that has offered me a career a second time from the California State University system. I am tremendously grateful to my dean, chair and CSUSB search committee under Dr. Andrew Hughes for recruiting me as a strategic hire. I am equally grateful to my former chair (at Cal State Long Beach), Paul Bott, President Robert Maxson and Provost Karen Gould for giving me my first career from the CSU system.

“The support I have received from CSUSB is unprecedented,” said Wang.

Wang is a prolific researcher contributing significantly to the field of leadership and research methods. He boasts more than 240 referred publications to his credit. Wang has edited and authored 10 books including two three-volume encyclopedias on leadership and management and four books on research methods. His publications on leadership and research methods include many independent journal articles and book chapters. 

Additionally, all 56 titles are promoted and available worldwide via Amazon. Stanford University offers 26 of Wang’s 56 titles. University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) has cataloged his 12.8-pound encyclopedia titled Encyclopedia of Strategic Leadership and Management. The John M. Pfau Library at CSUSB has cataloged 10 E-titles of Wang’s 56 books for the convenience of CSUSB faculty and students. “The number of my titles cataloged by John M. Pfau Library will be considerably increased,” said Wang. 

Wang gave special thanks to the following leading administrators who endorsed the publication of his milestone book:

  • René Hexel, acting dean (L&T), Griffith Sciences, Griffith University, Australia
  • Sean W. Mulvenon, professor and associate dean of Research and Sponsored Projects, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Deborah Hedeen, president/provost of the University of Maine at Fort Kent

“Last but not least, I have tremendous gratitude to the world’s leading scholars who contributed leading-edge chapters to this book. I am extremely grateful to my contributors and look forward to continued collaboration with the world’s leading scholars,” Wang said.