U.S. Rep. Pete Aguilar, D-San Bernardino, visited the Cal State San Bernardino campus on Aug. 29 to learn more about the university’s Cybersecurity Center, of which he has shown great interest for its work to develop the next generation of cybersecurity professionals.

Aguilar talked to cybersecurity students, who shared their research on autonomous cars or driverless vehicles, and how they can be manipulated; fighting and preventing ransomware; and the center’s partnership to create and develop a cybersecurity apprenticeship in the inland region.

Aubrie Kendall, Intern, Cyber Halo Innovation Research Program (CHIRP), and Student, CSUSB, an unidentified student, Congressman Pete Aguilar and Tony Coulson, CSUSB professor at the Cybersecurity Center.
Two CSUSB students, Congressman Pete Aguilar, and CSUSB professor Tony Coulson at the CSUSB Cybersecurity Lab during Aguilar's visit to the campus on Aug. 29.

In October 2020, Aguilar announced a $10.5 million grant in federal funding and national recognition for CSUSB as the Community National Center for Cybersecurity Education by the National Security Agency. In addition to the students, Aguilar also met with university faculty and staff.

Later Aguilar met with the executive committee of the university’s Associated Students Inc. to discuss issues in higher education, student issues and concerns.

Congressman Pete Aguilar, facing the camera, meets with CSUSB ASI officers
Congressman Pete Aguilar meets with CSUSB ASI officers during a visit to the university on Aug. 29.