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CSUSB professor writes on ‘The Deceptive Reasoning that Decreases Our Happiness’
Psychology Today
March 21, 2022

“‘Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)’ has often been cited as a reason to spend every waking moment checking email, Facebook, Twitter and other online updates. Yet what are we actually missing out on when we spend so much of our precious lives online?” wrote Anthony Silard, CSUSB associate professor of public administration in his blog, “The art of Living Free.” “Due to Our Fear of Missing Out (FOMO), We are Actually Missing Out (AMO).”

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CSUSB professor comments on CSU program that paid university executives after they departed
Los Angeles Times
March 22, 2022

Nena Torrez, CSUSB professor of education, commented before the March 22 decision by the

California State University Board of Trustees to halt a program that has paid millions to executives who have resigned in recent years — including former Chancellor Joseph I. Castro — until the board reviews a task force’s recommendations.

“We will no longer allow the practices that have hidden, forgiven or forgotten ethical transgressions that reward predators with hundreds of thousands of taxpayers’ dollars in secret deals, severance agreements,” Torrez said at the board meeting.

The board’s discussion followed a tense public comment session, during which faculty, staff, students and others shared frustration over a breakdown in Title IX procedures and what was described as “sweetheart” deals for top officials who resigned under scrutiny.

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