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CSUSB institute tracks inflation in region’s economy
Fontana Herald News
Nov. 15. 2021

Inflationary pressures on many products continue to be felt in the Inland Empire and throughout the country, according to the November edition of the Inland Empire Report on Business, which was released by the Institute of Applied Research at Cal State San Bernardino.

“As noted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, consumer prices are rising in the U.S. at the fastest 12-month pace since 2008, causing problems for people who want to purchase everyday consumer goods such as food, gas, furniture, appliances, computers, etc.,” said Barbara Sirotnik and Lori Aldana, authors of the report.

In their monthly survey of local manufacturers, Sirotnik and Aldana asked which commodities are getting more expensive, and one panelist said: “Everything.” Another respondent said: “Everything from pipe and tubing to shipping pallets to outside processes.”

Yet despite the rising costs, Sirotnik and Aldana said that the Inland Empire economy is still growing steadily.

“Overall, we are hopeful that the economic recovery is solid in the Inland Empire given that the COVID case rate is declining, and Americans are getting ready for their annual holiday spending spree,” they said.

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Convenience sometimes comes at great long-term cost, CSUSB professor writes
Psychology Today
Nov. 15, 2021

In the second installment of an eight-part series for his blog, The Art of Living Free, Anthony Silard, CSUSB associate professor of public administration, wrote about “Our Conveniently Lonely Lives.”

He wrote, in part, “The true, unmeasured cost of prioritizing convenience is social, emotional, and psychological development. In the example of the wealthy mothers, it’s not only themselves, but even more so their children who suffer these losses.”

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