Mary Fong, Cal State San Bernardino professor of communication studies, has re-released her book “A Beautiful Blueprint,” the second memoir in her “A Magnificent Mess!” trilogy. This release includes three additional epilogue chapters with research on the COVID-19 pandemic.

I feel fulfillment and appreciation in accomplishing a marathon of 460 pages of writing of my experiences, original research, external research, editing, creating YouTube videos, selecting music and informative videos, and designing the book cover,” said Fong.

Originally released as an e-book last year, her re-release now has been produced as a printed book and is available on Amazon and local book stores. “A Beautiful Blueprint” explores big life questions such as, “What is the purpose of life?” “What happens after we die?” and “What is the name of the game of life?”

“I take readers down the rabbit hole learning about the interconnection of variables functioning during this unprecedent time of the Great Awakening of 2020 and now,” Fong said regarding the added chapters.

Fong said the additional epilogue chapters look at research on the 2020 election, mainstream media news, misinformation and disinformation, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) COVID-19 testing, origins of the coronavirus, lockdowns, face masks, social distancing, green/vaccine passports, media and social media censorship, and more.

“The memoirs of this trilogy: ‘A Magnificent Mess!’ are dedicated to the reader to assist them in expanding their awareness of the Great Awakening and to consciously wake up from the worldly illusions of the Dark Age and ushering them into the Golden Age in discovering who they truly are, and to create a New World that we deserve in light, love, peace and joy,” she said. “Of my 30-year career in teaching and research, this trilogy is the most significant contribution I have done thus far integrating my specializations in culture, intercultural, and spiritual communications in understanding our journey of life.”

Fong – who teaches intercultural communication, ethnography of communication and spiritual communication – has also co-edited and co-authored the textbook, “Communicating Ethnic and Cultural Identity,” and has been published in a number of journals and other print sources.

She has been recognized for her three research presentations on Top Paper panels in the Language and Social Interaction Division and the Intercultural and International Division at the National Communication Association (NCA) and Western States Communication Association (WSCA) conventions.

Fong is the former chair for the Spiritual Communication Division of NCA and is the former chair of the Asian Pacific American Communication Division (APAC) affiliated with NCA. She has also chaired the APAC Caucus of NCA and is the past president of the Association for Chinese Communication Studies of NCA.

At CSUSB, Fong has served as the ethnic studies coordinator (2003-06) and teaching associate coordinator (2002-07). She has been a recipient of the University Diversity award and the university-wide Outstanding Advisor award.

Fong earned her doctorate from the University of Washington, her master’s from Cal State Long Beach, and her bachelor’s from the University of Southern California.

Fong’s first two memoirs – “Two Heart Nuts to Crack!” and “A Beautiful Blueprint” of the trilogy “A Magnificent Mess!” – are sold on Amazon and in local bookstores.