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Like their credit report, consumers should review their CLUE report for errors, CSUSB professor says
Sept. 15, 2021

James Estes, CSUSB professor of finance, was one of the experts interviewed for the consumer finance website’s article on CLUE reports, which is a summary of a person’s auto or home insurance claim history that all major insurance companies consult when they take on a new customer. Like a credit report, a consumer has the right to review and correct their CLUE report.

“It is important to check your CLUE report to ensure that the information is accurate,” Estes said. “Insurance companies check this report when you apply for insurance and may check it at renewal. A bad CLUE report can result in higher premiums, limited coverage, or denial of an insurance application. Like your credit report errors can occur and you can fix these errors only if you know they exist.”

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