CSUSB’s Department of Theatre Arts 2020-2021 Season of Love, Hope, and Change plunges into the new year with Kirsten Greenidge’s culturally poignant “Baltimore,” debuting on its Vimeo channel March 25. Tickets, at $5 each, are on sale online now at theatre.csusb.edu.

“Baltimore” tells the story of Shelby, a naive African American resident adviser for a group of freshmen at a four-year college – a job she neither wants nor takes seriously. But after a racist caricature is drawn on the dorm door of one of her black students, and after mounting pressure from her students, her best friend and the new dean, she is forced to take action and reexamine her belief that she lives in a post-racial society. 

This timely play dives headfirst into the uncomfortable yet necessary conversation of race relations in the modern society, designed to inspire empathy and discussion. Issues such as microaggressions, color blindness and social segregation are talked about by a diverse cast. The play also references true events, including the riots in Ferguson, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the deaths of Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Freddie Gray and Sandra Bland.

For additional information, please contact the Theatre Box Office at (909) 537-5884 or theatrearts@csusb.edu.

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