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CSUSB professor will speak at event on an assessment survey on the High Desert region
IE Business Daily
Oct. 2, 2020

Barbara Sirotnik, professor of statistics, business analytics, and supply chain management at Cal State San Bernardino, will be one of the speakers at an Oct. 4 presentation on “Keys to a Better Tomorrow: The High Desert Survey.”

The presentation, on YouTube and Facebook, is scheduled to air 11 a.m.

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CSUSB professor interviewed about an Arizona group that rose from posting racist memes to a political force
Arizona Republic
Oct. 1, 2020

Brian Levin, director of the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism, was interviewed for an article about the Patriot Movement AZ, a far right group whose members-only Facebook page contained posts that were Islamophobic and racist rhetoric and where followers traded in conspiracies and false information, the newspaper reported. The group has become a force in Arizona, the report said.

“We are now seeing the fringes, particularly on the right, but across the ideological spectrum, holding greater sway,” said Levin.

He said groups on the far right, such as the Patriots, have undertaken a “reprehensible embrace of white nationalism” that is being mainstreamed through conspiracy-laden social media, particularly on Facebook.

 “We are seeing discussions that in the past would have been segregated to an extremist fringe, now being mainstream acceptable,” Levin said.

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Other local extremist groups a threat despite focus on 'Proud Boys,' CSUSB’s Brian Levin says
ABC10 Sacramento
Oct. 1, 2020

The extremist group the Proud Boys gained national attention when President Trump told the group to "stand back and stand by" during Tuesday’s presidential debate. Brian Levin, a criminal justice professor and the director of the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University San Bernardino, described the ideology of the group.

Levin also said during the interview that the current political climate only adds fuel to the fire.

“I think whatever the groups, they appear to be taking approval from statements that are made by the president,” said Levin. “Either this wink and nod stuff or this failure to directly and immediately condemn.”

And he says now, election season is a time of great worry for his organization.

“So bottom line, this generally is a time that attracts an increase in conflict -- not only hate crime but the more fatal kind of extremist kind of stuff," Levin said.

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