George Georgiou, a professor in the Cal State San Bernardino School of Computer Science and Engineering, has been named an American Council on Education Fellow for the academic year of 2020-21.

Following nomination by the senior administration of their institutions and a rigorous application process, Georgiou, who joined CSUSB in 1992 as an assistant professor, is one of two academics from the California State University system who have been named ACE Fellows for 2020-21. Roma Chopra, a professor in the San Jose State University Department of History, was also chosen. The full list of ACE Fellows can viewed at ACE Fellows Class of 2020-21.  

Since its inception in 1965, the ACE Fellows Program has strengthened institutions in American higher education by identifying and preparing more than 2,000 faculty, staff, and administrators for senior positions in college and university leadership through its distinctive and intensive nominator-driven, cohort-based mentorship model. Of the fellows who have participated to date, more than 80 percent have gone on to serve as chief executive officers, chief academic officers, other cabinet-level positions, and deans following their fellowship.

The program combines retreats, interactive learning opportunities, visits to campuses and other higher education-related organizations, and placement at another higher education institution to condense years of on-the-job experience and skills development into a single year.

“The ACE Fellows program is unique in its ability to transform the lives and enrich the careers of its participants,” said ACE President Ted Mitchell. “After an intensive experience working with accomplished higher education leaders, the Fellows will return to their home campuses prepared to address the challenges of tomorrow.”

Georgiou has served in a number of positions at CSUSB including special assistant to the provost, 2017-2019; associate dean, College of Natural Sciences, July 2010-December 2013; assistant dean, CNS, January 2005-September 2006; director, School of Computer Science and Engineering, February 2010-July 2010; chair, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, January 2008-February 2010; chair, Department of Computer Science, September 2006-January 2008.

He has served as an assistant professor, 1992-1996; associate professor, 1996-2001; and as a full professor, 2001-present.

“This is a great honor for Cal State San Bernardino to have Dr. Georgiou, one of its finest faculty members and administrators, named an ACE Fellow,” said CSUSB President Tomás D. Morales. “George has shown his dedication to developing the best programs and services to help students, including historically underrepresented students.”

Georgiou said the appointment was both a great honor and the chance to make a difference in higher education administration.

“As an ACE Fellow, I will have the opportunity to observe and work with a president and other senior leaders at a host campus, attend decision-making meetings, and work on issues of current interest,” Georgiou said. “The ACE Fellow cohort meets regularly and visits other campuses and institutions of higher learning, through which learning and leadership experiences are gained.

“In parallel, at CSUSB, I will be engaged in a project that will examine student equity gaps, and based on research I will propose solutions that will include best practices both locally and internationally,” he said. “In sum, the program compresses years of experience and knowledge and provides an unparalleled and superb leadership training with a high track record of successful careers for those who went through it.”

Georgiou holds a doctorate and master’s degree in computer science, both from Tulane University; master’s degrees in mathematics and electrical engineering from Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge; and a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Louisiana Tech University, Ruston.

At the conclusion of the fellowship year, ACE Fellows return to their home institution with new knowledge and skills that contribute to capacity-building efforts, along with a network of peers across the country and abroad.

For more information on the American Council on Education Fellow ship program, contact Carly O’Connell, 202-939-9368, and visit or follow ACE on Twitter @ACEducation.