Building on a tradition of success, the Cal State San Bernardino History Club/Alpha-Delta-Nu Chapter of the national honor society Phi Alpha Theta has earned the 2019 Best Chapter Award.
The top recognition given by Phi Alpha Theta National History Honor Society marks the fourth consecutive year, and fifth time overall, that CSUSB students have earned the award in the category of universities and colleges with enrollment of 15,001 to 23,000 students. The award covers the chapter’s work during the 2018-19 academic year.
“I am proud of our students for winning this outstanding award yet again,” said Marc Robinson, a faculty co-advisor and a CSUSB assistant professor of history. “It is a testament to their hard work and dedication.”
The award is given to university chapters that “excel in promoting the mission of the honor society on their campus and in their community,” which is to “promote the study of history through the encouragement of research, good teaching, publication and the exchange of learning and ideas among historians,” according to the honor society’s website.
Phi Alpha Theta is an American honor society for undergraduate and graduate students and professors of history. The society has more than 400,000 members, with some 9,000 new members joining each year through 970 chapters nationwide.
The club hosts several events on campus and in the community to promote the study of history, including an annual trip to the Manzanar National Historic site with Professor Cherstin Lyon (though Lyon has left CSUSB for Oregon, the club hopes to maintain this tradition); hosting film screenings, lectures and roundtables; 'Future History Teachers Information Panels' to help prepare students for a career teaching history; and writing, editing, publishing of the department’s student-run journal, History in the Making, which published its 12th issue this past spring.
Nathanael Gonzalez, the club’s treasurer, said, “For me the History Club is a place where I can share my love for history and similar subjects both with other students who participate with the club, and scholars who give guest lectures that I can connect with.
“For the campus, the club represents a group that promotes history both contemporary and ancient that is inclusive to anybody on campus,” Gonzales said. “The History Club has truly enhanced my college experience for several reasons. It has allowed me to be an officer for the club, allowed me to be more connected to faculty, allowed me to have published written work, and be connected to scholars that help me further my education.”
For Jeremy Murray, a faculty co-advisor and associate professor of history, “Working with the History Club/Phi Alpha Theta students is a constant delight and inspiration. Their dedication to outstanding academics, community engagement, and service to the campus all combine to make these students truly remarkable young scholars and a pleasure to work with.”
Officers who led the History Club last year were Elvia Hernandez (president), Alma Lilia Jiménez (vice president), and Nathanael Gonzalez (treasurer). Leading the club in the 2019-20 academic year are Giovanni Gonzalez (president), Kaiulani Widney (vice president), James Martin (secretary), and Nathanael Gonzalez (serving again as treasurer).
The History Club is a student organization aimed at promoting the study of history on campus and in the community. It is sponsored by Alpha Delta Nu, CSUSB’s chapter of the national honor society in history, Phi Alpha Theta.  
Any student can join the History Club, regardless of major or grade-point average. After taking at least 12 units of history courses, students may qualify for membership in Phi Alpha Theta, the national honor society. Most members join the History Club as underclassmen then, upon meeting the requirements, join the honor society as juniors or seniors.
Members of the History Club and/or Alpha Delta Nu can participate in the same club sponsored activities; however, honor society members receive additional recognition upon graduation and when applying for employment or graduate programs. Honor society members are also welcome to participate in Phi Alpha Theta conferences and other scholarly activities.
Visit the CSUSB Department of History website for information on the History Club and Phi Alpha Theta, as well as the department’s programs. Also visit the Phi Alpha Theta website for information on its programs.
For more information on Cal State San Bernardino, contact the university’s Office of Strategic Communication at (909) 537-5007 or visit

The 2019 journal editorial board (History in the Making), all of whom are members of Phi Alpha Theta.

The 2019 journal editorial board (History in the Making), all of whom are members of Phi Alpha Theta.
Back Row: Randy Stuart, Melissa Sanford, Byron Williams, Benjamin Shulz, Federico Guevarra, Eric Lowe
Front Row: Jasmine Colorado, Jasmine Portillo, Sephora Navarro, Natasska Martin, April Terwelp