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A study by Cal State San Bernardino’s Francisca Beer, dean of Graduate Studies and Student Research, and Jeffrey Thompson, professor of biology, that evaluates faculty’s perception about research and creative activities conducted by both undergraduate and graduate students was published in the Student Success journal.

According to the abstract: “Specifically, it examined the types of research and creative activities faculty are involved in, evaluated the time and effort involved in research and creative activities and reviewed the benefits for students and faculty engaged in research and creative activities. The findings outline some of the barriers faculty encounter in mentoring students but show that faculty members are aware of the benefits for students who engage in research and creative activities. However, they have difficulties promoting these activities due to paucity of time and resources.”

The study can be found online at “Undergraduate and graduate research and creative activities: Faculty’s evaluation, time commitment and perceived barriers.”

The latest hate crime numbers for the city of Los Angeles, complied and analyzed in a report by the CSUSB Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism continues to be the focus of attention. Brian Levin, criminal justice professor and director of the center, was interviewed by KPCC’s Larry Mantle on April 6, about the study written by him and Kevin Grisham, the center’s assistant director of research and associate professor of geography and environmental studies.

The number of hate crimes in the city of Los Angeles in 2016 jumped from 200 in 2015 to 230 in 2016, a 15 percent increase according to the study. It’s the most hate crimes reported in L.A. in nearly a decade and the third straight year where there has been an increase, but it’s also far below numbers that have been reported in past years. 2001, for example, had 559 reported hate crimes in L.A.

Listen to the interview at “What the city of LA is taking away from new study showing multi-year highs in hate crimes.”