On Monday, Nov. 13 in the Yasuda Center, Cal State San Bernardino will welcome a delegation of 25 university officials from China for a professional development day, where they will meet with campus leaders, faculty and students, and be provided with a campus tour.

CSUSB currently has students at three Chinese universities, which two of them — Huanghuai University and Lanzhou University of Finance and Economics — will be participating in the visit.

The program was coordinated by the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) and the China Center for International Educational Exchange (CCIEE), an affiliate of China’s Ministry of Education. The campus program was coordinated by CSUSB’s College of Extended Learning.

The Chinese university representatives are:

  • Zhang Junzong, party secretary-general group leader, Gansu Agricultural University
  • Li Guang, executive deputy dean of Graduate School, Gansu Agricultural University
  • Zhang Baoming, vice president, Henan University
  • Shi Jun, vice president, Huaiyin Normal University
  • Wang Dongyun, vice president, Huanghuai University
  • Liang Limin, dean of School of Art and Design, Huanghuai University
  • Wang Weili, vice president, Lanzhou University of Finance and Economics
  • Xu Yadong, director of Academic Affairs Office, Nanyang Normal University
  • Li Wenyi, vice president, Inner Mongolia University of Technology
  • Wang Jinghua, vice president, Ningbo University of Technology
  • Hu Shaoling, section chief of Foreign Affairs Office, Qinghai University
  • Xu Xifeng, director of International Office, Shandong University, Weihai
  • Xu Xiaofeng, chief accountant, Shaanxi University of Science and Technology
  • Tan Yong, vice president, Wuhan Conservatory of Music
  • Zhang Ying, deputy director of Student Affairs Office, Xi’an University of Science and Technology
  • Fan Jiulun, president, Xi’an University of Posts and Telecommunications
  • Song Jinsuo, deputy director of Academic Affairs, Xi’an University of Posts and Telecommunications
  • Dai Lei, deputy director of International Affairs Office, Southwest Petroleum University
  • Zhan Yong, deputy secretary general, Guizhou Medical University
  • He Hua, executive dean of Graduate School, North University of China
  • Yin Kai, China Center for International Educational Exchange
  • Liu Bo, program coordinator, China Center for International Educational Exchange
  • He Dahai, deputy director of College of Mathematics, Chongqing Normal University
  • Guo Liang, vice president, Anhui Science and Technology University

The CSUSB representatives are:

  • Tomás Morales, president
  • Shari McMahan, provost and vice president, Academic Affairs
  • Clare Weber, deputy provost, Academic Programs
  • J. Paul Vicknair, interim associate provost of Academic Personnel
  • Allyson Satterlund, associate vice president, Student Affairs
  • Jay Fiene, dean, College of Education
  • Tatiana Karmanova, dean and university senior international officer, College of Extended Learning
  • Lawrence Rose, dean, Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration
  • Anneli Adams, associate dean, College of Extended Learning
  • Xin Chen, int’l outreach and recruitment specialist, College of Extended Learning
  • Brian Haynes, vice president, Student Affairs
  • Terry Ballman, dean, College of Arts and Letters

For more information, contact Anneli Adams, associate dean of the College of Extended Learning, at 909-537-3890 or via email at anneli.adam@csusb.edu.