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CSUSB professor’s book ‘This Is for the Mostless’ reviewed in HyphenHyphen

The magazine website posted a review by Janice Sapigao of “This Is for the Mostless,” a book by Jason Magabo Perez, associate professor of English at Cal State San Bernardino.

“The poems in Jason Magabo Perez’s “This Is for the Mostless” are constellations of arrivals and departures, tales of a movement that almost never landed because the destination never wanted Filipinos here. As brown Asians, as Filipinos who make up one-fifth of the total AAPI population: this makes us the mostless,” Sapigao wrote.

“Jay and I are friends, too (I will sometimes call him Jay, as I draw from our personal relationship, and I will occasionally name him as ‘Perez’ where it fits him, as the author.) I care about his well-being, family, friends and tenure-track life after adjuncting for as long as I’ve known him. I care about the characters, these real-life people: the 9-year-old speaker, Elaine Joy De La Cruz, Fortunata A. Perez, Epifanio, The Girl Who Fills Her E’s, Tupac, Tookie Williams, Edwina, the ipis, Jay’s beautiful nephew. And I care about how Jay placed Michel Foucault and Dead Prez together in the same paragraph, regardless of the seemingly endless borders guarding genre as something fixed. I bring all of this up because my read and review of this gorgeous book is years, friendship and literary citizenship in the making. My read of this book existed before the book, and I have always known Jay to be a writer through his activism, poems, questions, plays, voices, theorizing and performances.”

Read the complete review at “APERTURES, WISHES AND QUESTIONS: A review & commendation for all of the loves and people in Jason Magabo Perez’s ‘This Is for the Mostless.’

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