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CSUSB political science professor comments on Philippine-China conflict in South China SeaBalitang AmericaMay 15, 2018

Steven Childs, a CSUSB assistant professor of political science, was quoted by the Filipino-American news site in an article about the ongoing conflict in the South China Sea between the Philippines and China. The Philippine and U.S. military are now conducting exercises, named Balikatan, in the area, and a former official with two previous Philippine presidential administrations has said he sees no benefit to such operations.

Childs said  there are real benefits to Balikatan for both countries, especially in the current global political climate.

“There’s also humanitarian component to the exercises as well, but what’s interesting about them this year’s is that there seems to be a mixed role, humanitarian component but as well as amphibious exercises like storming beaches and the likes,” he said. “It’s being couched as counter-terrorism given what has happened to the south of the country recently. So at a certain level of military to military context, there is some value in that.”

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