Mary Texeira, Cal State San Bernardino sociology professor, will present “Exploring Race and Class in the #MeToo Movement” as part of the Yotie Talks series on Thursday, June 7, at 2 p.m. in the John M. Pfau Library, PL-5005.

The event is free and open to the public. Parking at CSUSB is $6.

According to Texeira, the #MeToo movement, which is an international movement to end sexual harassment and assault, “affects all of us, virtually everyone — every woman and man who is in an integrated workforce. And it challenges us to redefine the role of women in the workforce.”

“I want to add the stories of other overlooked voices to those of middle- and upper-class mostly white women who have access to the media and have done remarkable work in calling our attention to this cancer in our workplaces,” Texeira said.

During the presentation, Texeira will explore the role of race and class in the #MeToo movement. She will talk about documentaries concerning Latina workers, such as “Rape on the Night Shift,” which is about the sexual abuse of immigrant women working in the janitorial industry, and “Rape in the Fields,” about the many migrant women working in America’s fields and packing plants who are subjected to sexual assault.

Texeira hopes to start a conversation and spark action. “Where do we go from here?” she asks. “It’s happening everywhere and college campuses are no exception.”

Texeira, who has taught introductory sociology, critical thinking and classes on race and gender at CSUSB since 1994, has a doctorate in sociology from the University of California, Riverside, and wrote her dissertation about sexual harassment among women law enforcement officers. Texeira’s research focuses on social inequality with a focus on race and ethnicity, class, gender and sexuality.

The Yotie Talks series was launched in the 2015-16 academic year by CSUSB’s University Diversity Committee to discuss current issues that are critical to the university, with a goal of creating space for dialogue for the campus community.

For more information about the Yotie Talk, “Exploring Race and Class in the #MeToo Movement,” contact Robie Madrigal at (909) 537-5104 or