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Bradley Hampton, CSUSB adjunct music professor, interviewed on KFI radio’s Tim Conway Jr. ShowKFI RadioSept. 18, 2018Bradley Hampton,a CSUSB graduate and adjunct professor in the Department of Music, and his wife Jammie (also a CSUSB alumna) were guests on the Tim Conway Jr. Show on Sept. 18. Hampton had written some jingle spots for the show a few years back, and recently asked for a few more. The interview begins at abut 113 minutes into the show, which can be heard at “Tim Conway Jr Show on Demand.”Also, Conway was appointed director of education for Contemporary Acappella Society of America. That news can be read at the CASA Board of Directors and Program Managers web page.

Reciprocity in relationships is vital, but are you doing it? CSUSB professor weighs inMyDomaineSept. 20, 2018If you're looking for a simple sentence to describe the multisyllabic word 'reciprocity,' then Kelly Campbell, a psychology professor at California State University, San Bernardino, has it: 'Reciprocity refers to the exchanging of resources between people,' she says. That's easy enough to comprehend when put into those matter-of-fact terms.Campbell also offers up some basic examples of this concept, like lending money or providing a service, which can be repaid in a length of time that corresponds to the relationship's intimacy level. For instance, she says you're likely to repay an acquaintance much faster than you are, say, your sibling. 'Intimate relationships tend to have a longer period of time to return benefits, whereas strangers are expected to exchange benefits immediately,' she continues.Read the complete article at “Reciprocity in relationships is vital, but are you doing it? An expert weighs in.”

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