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Moreno Valley actress and CSUSB graduate who teaches at her alma mater aims to create ‘magic’ through acting, directingThe Press-EnterpriseMarch 7, 2019 The newspaper featured Pamela Lambert, a lecturer in theatre arts at her alma mater, Cal State San Bernardino, who has introduced youths to theater in community colleges and high schools. Lambert said that she spent several years taking sporadic theater classes before getting her Bachelor of Arts in Theater Arts from Cal State San Bernardino. She received her master of arts in Shakespeare in Performance, an interdisciplinary program she was allowed to write herself. She taught at Barstow College for 10 years, five or which were concurrent with her teaching at Victor Valley College, and later taught high school theater for 12 years. Now she teaches at Cal State San Bernardino, where she has been for seven years.
Prevalence of Nazi imagery and ideology on social media can be desensitizing for others, CSUSB professor saysCNNMarch 8, 2019 Brian Levin, director of the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino, was included in an article about the visit of Anne Frank’s stepsister with students at Newport Beach in the aftermath of a social media post of students making aNazi salute next to plastic cups arranged in the form of a swastika. The prevalence of Nazi imagery and ideology on social media can be desensitizing for others, Levin said. 'What disturbs me the most about some of these photos and videos is how relaxed these people are at parroting the most bigoted views that we used to see really parroted at places like skinhead rallies,' he told CNN. The current divided political landscape will not help, he said. 'What I saw was how the combination of ignorance, evil, shock and peer validation can come together at a time when the social political landscape is about othering and polarization. And what happens is there's a race to the bottom because we don't have civic moral leadership in this country that sets a standard as to what's acceptable communally.'Education in schools and communities could be a way to change it, he said, but that will take time. Levin appears at about a minute and 12 seconds into the online video report. Read the complete article and view the online video at “Anne Frank's stepsister meets the teens who partied with a swastika.”
CSUSB’s Alemayehu G. Mariam writes on ‘The Praxis of Medemer in the Horn of Africa’Dehai NewsMarch 8, 2019 In a commentary about Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and his effort to address regional issues with fellow leaders in the countries in the Horn of Africa, Alemayehu G. Mariam, CSUSB political science professor, wrote, “The Horn of Africa today faces myriad issues ranging from grinding poverty, disease and ignorance to large scale population displacements (and population explosion) and endless strings of deadly conflicts.  “What happens in each Horn country affects the others. War in one country threatens the peace in the other. Peace and democracy in one country becomes an example of good governance for others.” Read the complete article at “The Praxis of Medemer in the Horn of Africa.”
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