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CSUSB professor comments on alleged social media post by Yuciapa mayor targeting Muslims, undocumented immigrantsThe Press-Enterprise/The Sun/Redlands Daily Facts/Inland Valley Daily Bulletin/The Orange County RegisterApril 9, 2019 A slew of posts slamming Muslims and undocumented Latino immigrants on Yucaipa Mayor Bobby Duncan’s Facebook wall triggered a harsh response Tuesday from civil rights groups and advocates. “These posts, if authentic — representing white nationalism and anti-Muslim bigotry — are morally incompatible with government service, and the city hopefully understands that and will launch a full investigation immediately,” said Brian Levin, a criminal justice professor at Cal State San Bernardino and director of the university’s Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism. Revelations about Duncan’s social media posts surfaced on the same day as a Capitol Hill hearing on white nationalism, which prompted so many racist and anti-Semitic comments on a YouTube livestream it was forced to disable the chat feature, The Associated Press reported.“It’s on a day we are examining the breadth of white nationalism in congressional hearings that a public official in our own backyard promotes these prejudiced messages, brazenly,” Levin said. “It just goes to show how far we have to go in this nation.” Read the complete article at “Critics slam Yucaipa mayor’s Facebook posts targeting Muslims, undocumented immigrants.”
Political divisions hindering real discussion, solutions to extremism in U.S., CSUSB professor saysVice NewsApril 9, 2019 The House Judiciary Committee’s hearing on hate crimes and white nationalism was meant to be an opportunity to discuss the rising threat of far-right extremism and come up with targeted solutions, the news website reported. Instead, Tuesday’s hearing regularly veered off course — and into some of the most bitterly partisan debates of the moment. “What I think the hearing illustrated is just how deep the political divisions are: so deep that we can’t have unanimity about hate crimes and white nationalism,” said Brian Levin, a national expert in hate crimes who heads the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino. “We’re on thin ice with all kinds of extremism — white nationalism in particular — and we missed a real opportunity to explore the risk.” Read the complete article at “The first Congressional hearing on white nationalism since Charlottesville was a train wreck.”
CSUSB professor reflects on progress of Ethiopia under Prime Minister Abiy AhmedZeHabesha Alemayehu G. Mariam, Cal State San Bernardino professor of political science, reflects on the year since Ethiopia’s Abiy Ahmed became the nation’s prime minister. Mariam wrote that it was a year of unprecedented reforms and positive changes in Ethiopia, and gave much of the credit to the prime minister and his government. He also called on the nation’s intellectuals, faith leaders, opposition leaders and journalists to step and play a larger role in the country’s progress. Read the complete article at “PM Abiy Ahmed, congratulations on an outstanding job in Ethiopia in your first year, but …
Ask the experts: Haakon Brown, CSUSB associate professor of marketingWallet HubApril 9, 2019 The consumer finance website posted a question-and-answer with Haakon Brown, CSUSB associate professor of marketing, such as why some banks charge annual fees on their secured credit cards, while others do not. Read more at “Ask the experts.”
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