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The Institute for Child Development and Family Relations (ICDFR) is the umbrella organization, which covers many child and family related sub-projects established through partnerships between CSUSB and the surrounding community.

Established in 2002, our mission is to promote the optimal development and well-being of the children and families in our geographic region. We accomplish this by: 1) Increasing education and knowledge in the Inland Region pertaining to optimal child and family development; 2) Delivering high-quality programs and services targeting children and families in the Inland Region that support optimal health and well-being; 3) Supporting faculty in conducting rigorous, science and community-based research that impacts the Inland Region; 4) Fostering student success by providing knowledge, training, and research opportunities that enhance professional development, civic responsibility, and personal growth around child development and family relations; 5) Building partnerships with community agencies and securing support from external funders to advance activities aligned with our mission; and 6) Helping communities thrive by impacting policy, promoting social justice, creating safe environments, and being responsive to community needs.