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Coyote Learning Circle (Humble Inquiry)

Coyote Learning Circle (Humble Inquiry)

November 24, 2020
12:00pm - 1:00pm
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Program Description:

"When conversations go wrong ...what could have been done to get better outcomes?" Edgar H. Schein, organizational consultant and author of the book Humble Inquiry provides worthwhile insights to consider and encourages his readers to embrace the gentle art of asking instead of telling. Join us in this month's interactive conversation about communication and discover how to:

  • Shift from a culture of telling others to a culture of asking others
  • Identify healthy and effective approaches towards communication
  • Apply humble inquiry approaches to your work environment

Download eBook or audio book:

  1. Get a head start and consider reading Chapter 1.
  2. Navigate to CSULearn via MyCoyote
  3. Click on the magnify glass/search icon
  4. Change drop down from 'Learn' to 'Books & Videos'
  5. Search for 'Humble Inquiry'