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Day of Remembrance 2019

Day of Remembrance 2019

December 2, 2019
3:00pm - 4:00pm
Peace Garden (next to Chemical Sciences)

CNS will hold a Day of Remembrance ceremony gathering family, faculty, and staff to honor the CNS alumni who were lost four years ago in a Dec. 2 shooting attack in San Bernardino.


Event rundown:
• Gathers at the Peace Garden, around the bell at 3 p.m.

• Dean Sastry G. Pantula welcomes attendees and says a few words.

• William Van Dyke (Department of Health Sciences and Human Ecology) will say a few words.

• Erica Porteous, sister of Yvette Velasco, will speak.

• A representative of each family in attendance will take a flower from Yolanda Thomas and place it at the base of the bell.

• When all flowers are placed, Michael Nguyen (Department of Health Sciences and Human Ecology) will ring the bell.

• Light refreshments will be available at the Peace Garden.

Fallen Alumni:

• Robert Adams; BS, Public Health Education, ’15
• Juan Espinoza: BS, Biology, ’02
• Shannon Johnson; BS, Environmental Health Science, ’15
• Yvette Velasco; BS, Environmental Health Science, ’13
• Michael Wetzel; BS, Biology, ’01