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The Inland Empire’s Hidden Historic Treasure 


Did you know? 

Here in the Inland Empire we have a stunning California Citrus State Historic Park. The beautiful 400-acre area located in Riverside, California is dedicated to providing you and your loved ones with leisure and breathtaking views. 



Built upon a historical phenomenon contributed by various groups that embodied the value of this industry due to the notable advancements in communities, the economy, and culture during California's early transformative years, the park opened its doors in 1993. The early 1900s were compromised within the capital improvements of the workers that took initiative through citrus labor. This citrus-affiliated ranching influx of thousands of agricultural workers went to California which induced the “Second Gold Rush” leading to the development of Southern California's cities, laying the groundwork for California's reputation and history.  



When taking time to visit this beautiful scenery, there’s so much to look forward to! Take a moment to stop by the Visitor Center and Museum where it includes the opportunity to get an interpretative tour of the groves while learning historical facts of the impact of citrus in the Riverside area. Within the museum get the chance to see all displays of previous citrus ads that have developed overtime. Visitors can explore the various pathways throughout the groves next to the Visitor Center, which offers stunning views of the entire park and various picnic spots in the lower area of the park. These picnic benches make an excellent spot for lunch gatherings or enjoying a nice scenic view with your loved ones! 

Hike With Your Dog

Some valuable information to know when attending is luckily this is a pet-friendly zone! Bring your dogs along for the trails or any outdoor activities that take place when taking time to join one with nature in Sunny Riverside. The park's hours are based around seasonal times! From October to March is 8am-5pm daily. Then at the beginning of April-September the hours are more flexible due to the time change which is 8am-5pm on weekdays, and 8am-7pm on weekends. 


Taking Action

Over the last several months, an invasive amount of fruit flies has caused a solidified quarantine to the park until the end of February. The infestation resulted from Oriental fruit flies which took part in Redlands, CA amongst multiple counties throughout the state. This led to mandatory visits from state workers to over 2,000 resident homes within communities to remove the fruit from attempts to help alleviate the infestation from spreading even more. The whole community took action to help others understand the vitality of protecting the food supply and future citrus based crops that were possibly at risk. 


Do it

Yotes! There is no denying that California Citrus State Historic Park offers stunning features that are present throughout the Inland Empire. Take advantage of the different activities that’s local to our community and utilize the nature filled educational historic park. Go outside, enjoy the beauty of nature by taking a moment to explore this park!


Authored by Jacqualin Carrillo

English Department Intern for Coyote Radio & Advertising