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     May is Mental Health Awareness Month: Prioritizing Yourself During Finals! 


Did you know? 

Our minds are the deep reflection of our waking life. We are exposed to the authentic life examples as we progress through our post-secondary education, which are woven throughout our transitions into other meaningful phases. Our mental well-being is carried by the way we think, feel and act which can determine how an individual might encounter their stress or actions being reflected within the mental state. As we adapt to this whirlwind called life, we yearn to grow to the desired individuals that we have instilled in our mind to become the best version of ourselves so it’s vital to maintain a healthy mindset when navigating to our next steps. May is a dedicated month to commend those individuals who have dealt with mental health issues in any way or form, so let’s honor the ones who still strive to face everyday life no matter the circumstances. 


School and Life Balance: 

Typically post-secondary college students frequently experience high levels of stress caused by the direct pressure amongst rigorous school and life balance. This tends to be prevalent when students are adapting to a new environment where they have to live a responsible lifestyle and view different directions of life rather than what they’ve been previously used to which can dictate their academic success when having these barriers that might be holding them back. A useful way to balance school and life effectively can be practicing a set routine or structure to ensure your days remain level and not of place which can allow you to allocate your time efficiently during the stressful times. Establishing routines and structure can help create predictability in your daily or weekly goals; it also gives our patterns a purpose and makes us feel productive and well-organized. 


Practicing Self Care Tips: 

The vitality of maintaining a sense of clarity when contributing to your everyday life is significant because it can reflect in your work ethic or what’s around your life for the time being. Taking the time to cultivate healthy self practices to show the love that you deserve can really adjust how the mind is reacting. Self love starts within you, and what you can utilize to contribute to your well being by investing in yourself first! The practices that have helped me with times when I’ve wanted to collect and focus on myself when the mind is being fully occupied- it's important to start with collecting your thoughts and giving yourself some structure when tackling these strong emotions during hardships which is why I love to journal! The art of appreciating the words that flow from the spirals of your mind can go beyond lengths to expand a positive way of thinking, pick up a pencil and paper then just unleash the mind! Utilizing the mind, body and soul is another significant tactic you can do for yourself by practicing and encouraging physical health. It can be achieved by exercising or just being active due to the unlimited benefits it leads to an individual. For example, this efficiently reduces stress levels by improving sleep, tension, creating a sense of focus which can be used to see a positive incline once those chemicals are released to boost and improve moods. Friends and family can make an important impact when it comes to individuals encountering difficult times, always remember to be the lending hand when it serves those in need. 


CSUSB Resources: 

Having helpful resources to ease students' difficult moments and assist them to achieve their academic potential is a great addition for us here at California State University, San Bernardino. By providing resources for advocacy, group counseling, and one-on-one counseling, CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services) assists students in promoting mental health and aiming for academic success when dealing with difficult interpersonal situations. The Student Recreation and Wellness Center's The Retreat, run by Be Well Yoties, offers holistic experiences. You can hang out in the hammocks for some downtime with friends or find a place to nap on their recliners before your next lesson! Take use of all the resources and chances the school provides to reach your full potential. 


You’re Doing Great Yoties! 

Finals are around the corner, wish your colleagues the best of luck! As you approach the end of the school year, remember to give yourself credit for all of your hard work this semester. Taking one step at a time while navigating a life where you have to balance different aspects of yourself is already such a rewarding experience because of the stepping stones it leads to beautiful directions despite the journey. Never forget that your peers, instructors, and the facility/staff are all rooting for you to keep trying your hardest. 


Always be mindful of your emotional health, and show respect to others who face adversity. 


Authored by Jacqualin Carrillo

English Department Intern for Coyote Radio & Advertising