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Townsend's Warbler

Townsend's Warbler (Setophaga townsendi)

Warblers Casual
Townsend's Warbler

Townsend's Warbler, female - Riverside, CA
© Tom Benson

Townsend's Warbler

Townsend's Warbler, male - Huntington Beach, CA
© Brad Singer

The Townsend's Warbler is a casual visitor to campus with five records extending from early September to early November. It is a common spring and fall migrant and uncommon winter visitor in southern California.

Male Townsend's Warblers can be identified by their broadly black-and-yellow striped heads with black throat and yellow breast, olive green upperparts, and white belly with black streaking down the sides. Females have a mostly yellow throat and are olive green instead of black on the head.