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Rock Pigeon

Rock Pigeon (Columba livia)

Pigeons & Cuckoos Common Year-Round
Rock Pigeon

Rock Pigeon - CSU San Bernardino
© Tom Benson

The Rock Pigeon is a common, year-round resident on campus. The Rock Pigeon is a common breeding resident in urban and agricultural areas of southern California. On campus they are regularly seen perched on the tops of buildings or light standards, especially along East Campus Circle.

High Count: 45, Average Count: 5-15

The typical Rock Pigeon can be identified by its light gray upperparts and belly, and dark gray head and breast with iridescent purple and green feathers on the neck and breast. Domesticated pigeons have interbred extensively with feral Rock Pigeon populations, however, and Rock Pigeons can come in essentially any color combination of dark gray, light gray, brown, and/or white. They were introduced to the United States from Europe in the 1600s.