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Red-crowned Parrot

Red-crowned Parrot (Amazona viridigenalis)

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Red-crowned Parrot

Red-crowned Parrot - Buena Park, CA © Tom Benson

Red-crowned Parrot

Red-crowned Parrot - CSU San Bernardino © Tom Benson

The Red-crowned Parrot is a casual visitor to campus: a pair was seen 5 Mar 2016 flying over the recreation center. Two parrots seen flying over the CSUSB Preserve on 30 Mar 2010 may have been this species as well. It is a highly localized year-round resident in southern California; there is a rather large flock in the Los Angeles Basin in the general vicinity of Pasadena, and smaller numbers in San Diego, Irvine, and Redlands. Red-crowned Parrots are native to the gulf coast of Mexico.Red-crowned Parrots can be identified by their mostly bright green plumage, bright red crown, pale blue stripe behind the eye, and large yellowish bill. Their presence is usually announced their harsh, grating calls, which can be heard over quite a distance.