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Indigo Bunting

Indigo Bunting (Passerina cyanea)

Grosbeaks & Buntings Casual
Indigo Bunting

Indigo Bunting, male - CSU San Bernardino © Tom Benson

Indigo Buntingv

Indigo Bunting, male - Niption, CA © Tom Benson

The Indigo Bunting is a casual visitor to campus: a territorial adult male was present in the CSUSB Preserve 10 Jun-14 Jul 2011 and a female was seen 28 Aug 2014. It is a rare spring and fall migrant throughout southern California, and has even nested here occasionally.Male Indigo Buntings are entirely bright blue with a small conical bill. Females are brown overall and are very similar to female Lazuli Buntings.