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Tricolored Blackbird

Tricolored Blackbird (Agelaius tricolor)

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Tricolored Blackbird

Tricolored Blackbird, male - Chino, CA © Tom Benson

Tricolored Blackbird

Tricolored Blackbird, male - Irvine, CA © Tom Benson

The Tricolored Blackbird is a casual visitor to campus: a male was seen with a flock of Brewer's Blackbirds 29 Feb-4 Mar 2016. It is a highly localized, year-round resident in southern California. It is listed as a Species of Special Concern by the California Department of Fish and Game.Adult male Tricolored Blackbirds are entirely black with a narrow white bar on the wing. Females and juvenile males are heavily streaked brown overall, with a paler supercilium (line above the eye) and throat, and are difficult to distinguish from Red-winged Blackbirds.