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Sample of Past Reporting Results

The Aging Workforce

The aging workforce may be an especially important subset of the non-traditional workforce. In light of this recognition, the state should help promote (through incentives or provisions within existing laws) an increase in flextime and telecommuting, phased retirement and part-time work options. Many of these options would benefit workers of all ages, and would strengthen the status and the image of older workers in particular. (Source: 'The Plight of the Aging Workforce')

Respondents Willing to Accept a Decrease in Salary to Work Locally and Eliminate Daily Commute

Overview: Within all San Bernardino County regions, a substantial amount of respondents indicated that they would take at least a 5 percent pay cut, and many of them would take as much as a 10 percent pay cut, to work locally. And, indeed, there is some evidence that more and more people are willing to take such a pay cut. (Source: 2006 Annual Survey)

Organizational Recommendation

Immediately address the problem of conflict among shifts. One possible solution may be overlapping team leaders - that is, having half of their work time spent with one shift, the other half with the next. We encourage the use of hourly workers sitting down with the management team to work out the best vehicle to resolve the outstanding conflicts and to ensure continuity, standardization and a cohesive team effort. (Source: Organizational audit, Inland Empire firm)

Going Green

Overview: The data suggest that 'going green' can be a boon for businesses in the Region - most respondents said they prefer such businesses, even if it costs slightly more. Respondents reported that they view protection of the environment as a higher priority than economic growth. (Source: 2007 Inland Empire Annual Survey)