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Client Testimonials

Tom Freeman, spokesman for the Riverside County Economic Development Agency (one of the sponsors of the survey) said about the report:

“This report is a valuable tool for Riverside County and our entire team here at the Economic Development Agency. Our shopping, law enforcement services, and parks and recreational activities survey results are encouraging and gratifying. We realize that transportation issues remain a high priority for our residents and are constantly working with state and federal authorities to improve our highways and reduce congestion.”


Green Valley Initiative was pleased to participate in the survey this year. We believe the results demonstrate that the region’s residents look for opportunities to be greener and want quality jobs and a vibrant economic future” said Daniel Cozad GVI’s program director.

Metropolitan Water District General Manager Jeff Kightlinger said:

“With recent years of record dry conditions and the state’s fragile water supply and delivery system impacting our region’s supply, we are encouraged to learn from the Inland Empire Annual Survey that many Southern Californians have heard our messages and are taking steps to cut back their water use. We hope they will continue to heed the water-saving messages and make permanent changes in their everyday water use.”

According to Kevin Palmer, economic development director of the San Bernardino Economic Development Agency,

“Strong research and analysis, such as the Institute of Applied Research at CSUSB provides, is critical to San Bernardino County’s role as a strategic leader of our dynamic economy. This type of information will form a critical foundation as we work to shape San Bernardino County’s nearly $100 billion economy.”

Robin Zimpfer, executive director/ assistant county executive officer for Riverside County Economic Development Agency states:

“In this growing, dynamic region timely information is crucial for the health of Inland Southern California; this is why the Riverside County Economic Development Agency is proud to sponsor the “

Inland Empire Report on Business,” prepared by the Institute of Applied Research.” These sentiments have been echoed by leaders in the public and private sector repeatedly over the past 14 years the report has been prepared by IAR.