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The Asian Faculty, Staff, and Student Association
California State University, San Bernardino

(Revised February 28, 2019)


Article I -- Name

The official name of the organization shall be the Asian Faculty, Staff, and Student Association, California State University, San Bernardino (AFSSA).

Article II -- Mission

The mission of AFSSA is to promote awareness of Asian/Pacific American culture, and to coordinate and promote activities leading to the betterment of Asian/Pacific Americans at CSUSB and beyond. Further, AFSSA aims to identify issues; advance equality and diversity on campus; and foster interaction and partnership between the university and the greater Asian/Pacific American community.

Article III -- Membership

Any person who supports the mission of AFSSA may become a member by completing the application process and paying the dues as specified in the Bylaws. All members in good standing as specified in the Bylaws have the right to vote and to hold office.

Article IV -- Executive Board

  1. Composition and Terms. Officers of the Executive Board and their terms are specified in the Bylaws.
  2. Duties. The Executive Board shall be the chief policy- and decision-making body of AFSSA, subject to ratification by the membership. It shall establish objectives, budgets and take necessary actions to accomplish the AFSSA mission and goals.
  3. All actions of the Executive Board must be consistent with the AFSSA Constitutions and Bylaws.

Article V -- Advisory Board

  1. Composition and Terms. Composition and terms of the Advisory Board are specified in the Bylaws.
  2. Duties. The duty of the Advisory Board is to provide guidance and assistance to the Executive Board concerning
    • the long-term development and growth of AFSSA
    • major events sponsored by AFSSA
    • fund raising for scholarship or programs.

Article VI -- Elections and Nominations

The Procedures for nomination and elections are specified in the Bylaws.

Article VII -- Meetings

  1. Annual Meeting. At least one general meeting of the organization shall be held per academic year.
  2. Special Meetings. Special Meetings may be called at any time by the officers of the Executive Board. A concerted effort must be made by the officers to ensure that all members are aware of these meetings.

Article VIII -- Amendments

Revisions to the AFSSA Constitution must be proposed through the Executive Board and approvedby two-thirds of the membership through mail ballot. Revision to the Bylaws must be proposed through the Executive Board and approved by two-thirds of vaild ballots received.



I. Membership

  1. Application for Membership. Individuals interested in becoming a Member should submit a completed application form and pay the membership dues.
  2. Right to Vote. Members who have paid their dues for the current academic year have the right to vote.
  3. Right to Hold Office. An individual who has been an AFSSA member in good standing for at least one academic year previous to the year of the election and who has also paid dues for the current academic year may be elected to office.
  4. Honorary Members. Those who have committed their time and energy in furthering the AFSSA mission may be awarded with Honorary Membership.
  5. Friends of AFSSA. Non-members who contribute to AFSSA should be acknowledged as "Friends of AFSSA" and so designated in printed materials.

II. Terms

  1. Fiscal Year. The fiscal year of AFSSA runs from September 1 to August 31.
  2. Membership. The membership term is one year beginning on September 1 and ending on August 31.
  3. Terms of Officers of Executive Board. Terms of all officers shall be one year. All officers shall assume office on September 1 of each year.
  4. Terms for Advisory Board Members. Terms for all Advisory Board Members shall be five years.

III. Executive Board

  1. Composition of the Executive Board. Twelve (12) members with staggered three-year terms, so that four (4) new members are elected every year.
  2. Officers. The officers of the executive board shall be the President, Vice-president, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Board shall elect officers from among themselves in the Winter quarter. The officers serve a term of one year.
  3. Duties of Officers.
    1. President shall
      • Provide overall leadership to the organization, setting overall goals for the year.
      • Organize and schedule meetings and oversee all activities and projects of AFSSA.
      • Serve as spokesperson and/or representative for AFSSA at all external events.
      • Carry signatory power to access AFSSA funds.
      • Call and preside at the Executive Board, Advisory Board and General Business Meetings.
    2. Vice-President shall
      • Take over the duties of President, as necessary.
      • Support and assist the President
      • Succeed to the Presidency at the completion of his/her year as Vice President, unless the President is re-elected. In that case, the Vice President may continue in office until the President has completed his/her second or further terms.
    3. Treasurer shall
      • Provide regular financial updates to the Executive Board, as requested.
      • Be responsible for accounts payable and receivable and financial record keeping.
      • Prepare an annual report by August 31 of each year.
    4. Secretary shall
      • Be responsible for taking the minutes at all meetings.
      • Maintain and update AFSSA records.
      • Work with a designated person to maintain and update the AFSSA web site.

IV. Advisory Board

  1. Nature and Composition. The purpose of the Advisory Board is to offer guidance and counsel to the Executive Board. It should include members from both on-campus and off-campus communities who support the AFSSA mission and are willing to be involved in AFSSA activities. In addition, it should include some members who are experienced and knowledgeable about university policies and procedures, about the off-campus Asian/Asian American community, and/or about AFSSA itself. They shall be nominated and approved by both the Executive Board and the Advisory Board. Former officers and members of the Executive Board with at least nine years of service on the Executive Board may be eligible to join the Advisory Board. The number of Advisory Board Members shall not exceed 6 positions.
  2. Meetings. The Advisory Board shall meet at least once per year. Additional meetings may be called by the President.

V. Election of Executive Board

  1. Time of Election. Election for three new members of the Executive Board shall be held annually during the Winter quarter.
  2. Call for Election. The outgoing President shall call for Board Member elections and should allow a reasonable amount of time for notification to membership.
  3. Candidacy Declaration. All members of AFSSA are eligible to run for membership on the Executive Board.
  4. Method of Election. Board Members shall be elected by a majority of valid ballots received. Each member shall submit one vote per position.

VI. Committees

Special committees of AFSSA may be established by the Executive Board, such as Election Committee, Membership Committee, Scholarship Committee, Special Events Committee, Student Liaison Committee, etc.