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Additional Services - Parking and Transportation - PDC

Additional Services: 

Escort Services:

  • Community Service Specialists at PDC campus provide escort service for any staff, faculty, student, or guest of the University

  • To be escorted on campus, please:

    • Call (909) 537-7777, ext. 77777 or

    • Ask a Community Service Specialist Officer on campus

  • Escort services are only provided during regular campus operations hours.

Motorist Assistance:

  • Keys Locked in Your Car?

  • Need to Jump Start Your Car?

  • Call for assistance at (909) 537-7777, ext. 77777

  • This FREE service is only provided during regular campus operations hours.

PDC Lost & Found

  • Lost or found an item at PDC campus?

    • Contact the Community Service Specialist Officer at the front desk, 1st floor lobby area of RG building (Mary Stuart Rogers Gateway Bldg)

  • Community Service Specialist Officer unavailable?

    • Please contact the university Police Dispatch center (909) 537-7777, ext. 77777