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Call for Programs

Throughout the month of March, there will be campus-wide events to commemorate womxn’s history. We invite you to celebrate with us at these events. We also encourage you to plan events within your own units. We are accepting program submissions for this year’s Womxn’s History Month from CSUSB student organizations, departments, and committees. If you are also interested in applying for funding, please be sure to respond to all questions on this form. We will begin reviewing applications for funding on February 15, 2023.

Event Details

If you are requesting funding, please complete the funding details below. If you are not requesting funding, please click submit.

The grant application scoring process includes 4 steps:

  1. Applications will be reviewed by the Womxn’s History Month Subcommittee to determine if applications were submitted on time with proper documentation and reporting from previous grant awards (if applicable).
  2. Subcommittee members will individually score and rank applications on a rolling basis.
  3. The Subcommittee will meet to discuss and determine which event proposals will move forward for Presidential Cabinet final approval.
  4. Grant applicants will receive email notification of the decision.

The following table details the rubric used by the Subcommittee to quantitatively score and rank grant applications. A total of 16 points is possible.

Grading Rubric
Category Description
Event Purpose and Relationship to Theme Clearly outlined outcomes and purpose, including a timeline and achievable goals. Activities are well defined and align directly with the theme.
Impact on Student Learning Multiple possible impacts on student learning are clearly and concisely presented with supporting references.
Justification on Expenditures Thoroughly addressed each expenditure with a clear justification; provided detailed account of expenses.
Assessment Clear picture of how data will be collected and used to demonstrate degree to which outcomes and purpose are met.


Funding Details

Provide Justification of Expenditures, including: