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Tutoring Program FAQ

Academic Centers for Excellence (ACE) - Tutoring at CSUSB provides tutoring services for registered students who need assistance in a course that they are currently registered for at the university. Tutoring is conducted on a "walk-in" basis; no appointment is needed. All students desiring tutoring assistance are expected to be prepared with the proper course materials and should have prepared questions in mind.

How do I begin receiving tutoring assistance?

First, you must make sure that we have a tutor for your subject. Then you must sign-in on the Tutoring check-in computer. Please see a Front Desk Associate if you need assistance with signing in.

Why can't a tutor help me do my homework?

The point of tutoring is to assist you in feeling confident about tackling your subject matter and for you to develop your problem solving skills. This cannot be achieved if you use the tutor as a crutch to fall back on. In addition, your professor needs to evaluate YOUR work, not the tutor's.

Can the tutor help me do my homework?

Tutors are not permitted to help you with your exact homework questions/problems. Tutors will assist you with problems that are similar to your actual homework problems. In some cases, they may assist you with one or two actual homework problems to clarify any confusing points or to get you started in the right direction.

How do I let the tutor know that I need help?

When you first enter the room, a tutor should acknowledge you to let you know that they are aware that you have just come in for help. If a tutor does not notice you entering the room, please introduce yourself to the tutor so they know that you need assistance and he/she will be with you shortly. Do not sit in the room without indicating to a tutor that you are there for assistance.

What do I need to bring with me for a tutoring session?

In addition to standard school supplies such as pen and paper, you should bring all the proper course materials (i.e., textbook, syllabus, handouts) so the tutor can gain a clear understanding of what you may need assistance with. You should also have specific questions for the tutor in mind.

Why do I need to sign in on the check-in computer?

It is necessary for Testing and Tutoring to track the number of visitors and the frequency of visits for tutoring because these numbers determine the amount of funding that the tutoring program will receive and which subjects will be tutored. So please, take a moment to sign in so our tutoring funds will not be cut.

What are the computers in the tutoring room for?

The computers contain programs primarily for math and statistics courses. They are also used by tutors to pull up online course materials whenever a student needs to refer to such sources. The computers in the tutoring room may not be used for writing papers or surfing the Internet.

Can the tutor watch my things while I leave for a moment?

No. Tutors cannot be responsible for any lost or stolen items. It is your responsibility to care for your things.

Can the tutor stay over their scheduled time to help me?

No. Tutors must adhere to their work schedules because they also have classes and other obligations. Please be respectful of the tutors' schedules.

Do you have an extra textbook for my class?

We do not guarantee to have any textbooks available for the classes that we tutor. We do attempt to obtain current textbooks from each department. However, in most cases, these textbooks are for tutor reference and for times when you may forget your own textbook. You should always bring your books and other study materials.

Can I get test preparation help for standardized exams (non-CSUSB course related)?

No. Unfortunately, tutoring is only for CSUSB students that are currently registered in the course they are seeking tutoring for. Tutors are also not able to help with course material from other colleges, regardless if you are also registered at CSUSB.