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Tutor Profiles - Fun Facts

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Aaron Massey

Aaron Massey (Math)

  • My favorite sport is chess boxing
  • I have a pet turtle with a long name (make an appointment with me to find out what it is)


Dana Hernandez

Dana Hernandez (Math/Nursing)

  • My “superpower” allows me to fall asleep even if someone is playing heavy metal
  • My baseline personality is that of a recluse - I enjoy staying inside all day, playing Zelda, and snuggling with my cats


David Caro


David Caro (Math)

  • I make apple, cherry, blueberry, and strawberry pie from scratch
  • I play the trombone


Donald Perryman


Donald Perryman (Math/Physics)

  • I almost didn't graduate high school
  • My favorite hobby is learning a new skill. Most recently learning to juggle, and working on computers


Jacob Lacy


Jacob Lacy (Math/Physics)

  • I broke my back when I was 14 and made a full recovery. I then got into powerlifting and ended up deadlifting over 600 lbs. at one point


Khanh Tran


Khanh Tran (Statistics)

  • I am a nap enthusiast
  • When I was younger, my career of choice was to be a Power Ranger 


Lance Cating


Lance Cating (Nursing)

  • As a college student, my diet consists mainly of Starbucks coffee


Lauren McCaffrey


Lauren McCaffrey (Math/Study Skills)

  • I love to explore new places and meet interesting people – I have traveled to Mexico, Spain, Australia, and Iceland
  • I built and painted the canvas behind me in my profile picture!


Margarita Navarrete


Margarita Navarrete (Chemistry)

  • I plan to be a Chemistry teacher 
  • I am a dual major in Biology and Art 


Maria Urbina Valdiosera


Maria Urbina Valdiosera aka Candy (Math)

  • Although my name is Candy I do not like candy
  • I have a twin sister with the same name except for our middle names


Megan Gerew


Megan Gerew (Nursing)

  • I am a book collector
  • I am a huge Philadelphia Eagles football fan 


Michelle Pham


Michelle Pham (Statistics)

  • I have been playing the flute for over 7 years
  • I enjoy hosting weekend karaoke nights
  • I have two Robo (Roborovski) hamsters


Nicholas Nasr


Nicholas Nasr (Chemistry)

  • I am in my element when I am doing chemistry
  • When I am not studying you can find me playing piano, reading, or watching movies/TV 


Yara Roumanni (Chemistry)


Yara Roumanni (Chemistry)

  • I come from Lebanon
  • I ride motorcycles
  • Making a difference in the world is how I view success


Embedded Tutors (Math)


Brandon Castillo


Brandon Castillo

  • I am a Math major


David Caro


David Caro

  • I make apple, cherry, blueberry, and strawberry pie from scratch
  • I play the trombone


Luis Tapia


Luis Tapia

  • I am a big Manchester United fan
  • I enjoy playing soccer and video games in my free time
  • I love listening to Juice WRLD 


Mariah Somarriba


Mariah Somarriba

  • I can say the alphabet backwards
  • I can recite any of the Harry Potter movies from memory!


Ricky Calderon


Ricky Calderon

  • I enjoy watching baseball and have been to four different Major League Baseball stadiums so far
  •  I enjoy computers and have built many of them for me and my friends