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Aaron Massey

Aaron Massey (Math/Physics/Computer Science & Engineering)

  • My favorite sport is chess boxing
  • I have a pet turtle with a long name (make an appointment with me to find out what it is)


Alejandro Rodriguez

Alejandro Rodriguez (Math)

  • I failed Calculus, so you don’t have to
  • I enjoy long walks on the beach


Adiam Lemma

Adiam Lemma (Biology-Anatomy & Physiology)

  • I love to read
  • I attempted to write a book during quarantine, but haven’t finished it (yet) 
  • I am from a country in East Africa called Eritrea


Benjamin Dominguez

Benjamin Dominguez (Math)

  • I enjoy painting and creating art
  • I am an avid listener of the Joe Rogan Podcast


Celine Nicolle

Celine Nicolle (Nursing)

  • One of my favorite games is The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
  • I named my cat "Six" because he has six digits on his front paws


Cheyenne Ward

Cheyenne Ward (Statistics)

  • I have a fruit and vegetable garden (schedule a tutoring appointment with me to find out what I am growing this season! :D )
  • I *LOVE* playing chess
  • I enjoy jet skiing


Donald Perryman

Donald Perryman (Math/Physics)

  • I almost didn't graduate high school
  • My favorite hobby is learning a new skill. Most recently learning to juggle, and working on computers


Dustin Santoso

Dustin Santoso (CSE)

  • I spent 1000 hours listening to New Jeans in one year
  • I enjoy playing video games in my free time
Dylan De Ynchausti

Dylan De Ynchausti (Nursing)

  • I enjoy playing the guitar and piano
  • I enjoy reading novels like "Game of Thrones" and "A Little Life"
  • I try to play video games with friends during my free time
Helenny Nunez

Helenny Nunez (Statistics)

  • The first time I read the Harry Potter series I cried, I finished the last book in one sitting and read for 17 hours straight
  • I like to read philosophy and listen to podcasts on psychology
  • I like to jump rope
Ivanka Soemarna

Ivanka Soemarna (Nursing)

  • My favorite things in life are booking flights, eating good food, and laughing until I can’t breathe
  • I’ve gone sky diving once, and I’m not sure if I would do it again
Jessica Barajas

Jessica Barajas (Math)

  • I enjoy traveling (Here I am ready to board the plane) 
  • I used to hate math, now I’m a math major! 
  • I have 2 pet snails
Jeremy Lacy

Jeremy Lacy (Biology-Anatomy & Physiology/Chemistry)

  • I used to race dirt bikes
  • People consider me the best chess player of all time (I have 100 elo)
  • I spent 2 years of my life on crutches
Luis Tapia


Luis Tapia

  • I am a big Manchester United fan
  • I enjoy playing soccer and video games in my free time
  • I love listening to Juice WRLD 


Nathaniel Pond

Nathaniel Pond (Nursing)

  • My favorite place to be at is Disneyland
  • I was born on Friday the 13th
  • I'm an Aries!
Saul Arias


Saul Arias (Math)

  • Two of my favorite video games are Pokémon Legends: Arceus and Cuphead.
  • I have an identical twin who also attends CSUSB


Syunsuke Hasuka


Syunsuke "Sunny" Hasuka (Geology/Math)

  • I have an affinity for the natural world
  • I have two huskies and they shed so much


Tirth Savani


Tirth Savani (Math)

  • I love to play Badminton
  • I love playing video games in my free time


Embedded Tutors (Math)


Ailani Varela

Ailani Varela (Embedded Math)

  • My favorite place to be is the beach
  • I love trying new things
Nicole Ramirez

Nicole Ramirez-Nila (Embedded Math)

  • I love sea creatures! Some of my favorites are lion’s mane jellyfish, thresher sharks, whale sharks, and humpback whales! 
  • I love stars and astronomy. I recommend going to the Griffith Observatory!
  • I am an Ebay connoisseur. I will find anything and everything (at least I try). I strive to have a closet that is mostly second hand!
Suzeth Quintero-Leon

Suzeth Quintero-Leon (Embedded Math)

  • I love Math, so I decided to become a teacher to share that love! 
  • I love dogs. I have three at home
Tirth Savani

Tirth Savani (Embedded Math)

  • I love to play Badminton
  • I love playing video games in my free time




Victoria Zataray


Victoria Zataray (Embedded Math)

  • I love to try new things
  • It is very easy for me to memorize any song
  • I'm not a pro archer, but I do think I’m a pro at making chocolate chip cookies and Oreo cheesecake.