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Curriculum and Schedule

Degree Requirements ( 33 units ) 

MSF has no prerequisite courses and consists of courses for degree requirements.  

MSF Degree Requirements
Course Number Course Title Units
ADMN 6020 Advanced Managerial Communications 3
FIN 6771    Ethical and Professional Standards 3
FIN 6772  Quantitative Method for Finance 3
FIN 6773 Financial Market and Environment 3
FIN 6774 Financial Statement Analysis I 3
FIN 6775  Financial Statement Analysis II 3
FIN 6776 Advance Corporate Finance 3
FIN 6777 Portfolio Management 3
FIN 6778 Global Equity Investment 3
FIN 6779 Fixed Income 3
FIN 6780 Derivative and Alternative Investment 3
FIN 6985 MSF Portfolio  0
FIN 6989 Finance Comprehensive Examination (Culminating Experience) 0
  Total Units 33

Temporary Schedule 

MSF Temporary Schedule*
 All courses will be offered after 5 pm on Monday through Friday.  However, if needed, a course on Saturday will be offered between 9 am and 12 pm.
Fall (16 weeks) Spring (16 weeks) Summer (10 weeks) Fall (16 weeks)

FIN 6772 (3)

FIN 6773 (3)

FIN 6774 (3)

FIN 6776 (3)

FIN 6778 (3)

FIN 6779 (3)

ADMN 6020 (3)

FIN 6771 (3)

FIN 6775 (3)

FIN 6777 (3)

FIN 6780 (3)

FIN 6985 (0)*

FIN 6989 (0)*

*If a student plans to take courses over two years, please contact MSF director for assistance. 




Program Policies

Procedure for dropping

If you need to drop a course, email your Program Specialist or support staff with your request that includes your reason for dropping. The email request stands in for your signature on the drop form. A signature (email request) is required because a drop may incur an administrative fee. Upon approval from an administrator, your course will be dropped and your account may be subject to the refund policy (see below). A Drop After Census form requires an additional form to be signed by your instructor, Department Chair and an administrator.

Refund policy

Please be mindful of the following deadlines and fees:

  • 100% refund, less $25 administrative fee, if course is dropped before start date
  • 65% refund, less $25 administrative fee, if course is dropped by census date
  • No refund after census

Late fees and important dates

Late payment and late registrations fees will be applied in the event posted deadlines are not met. To avoid fees, make sure you are aware of all registration and payment due dates. 

The standard late fee is $25. You may not enroll in courses for future sessions if you have a balance on your account. Contact the Program Specialist at 909-537-5983 if you wish to discuss your specific situation.