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MSA is composed of pre-requisite courses and courses for Degree Requirements.  If an applicant already completed pre-requisite courses, the applicant can receive a waiver for pre-requisite courses.

Pre-requisite courses

Competence in the following prerequisite courses or their equivalents.

ACCT 2110            Introductory Accounting I            

ACCT 2120           Introductory Accounting II           

ACCT 3470           Management Accounting and Ethics in Business

ACCT 3720           Intermediate Accounting I           

ACCT 3730           Intermediate Accounting II         

ACCT 4260           Introduction to Taxation              

ACCT 4400           Financial Statement Auditing                                                     

MGMT 2300          Legal Environment of Organizations

Degree Requirements (Total 33 units)

Required Course: (15)   

ACCT 6100            Financial Reporting and Disclosure          

ACCT 6150            Controllership and Professional Ethics    

ACCT 6200           Internal Auditing and Management Controls      

ACCT 6300           Advanced Tax Topics: Corporate Taxation                            

ACCT 6500           Advanced Financial Reporting Seminar  

Elective Courses (15)  

Minimum of 15 elective units chosen from list below in consultation with the MSA Director or department chair.

ACCT 5360          Corporate and Partnership Taxation       

ACCT 5390          Advanced Accounting   

ACCT 5410           EDP Auditing and Control            

ACCT 5440          Accounting Law, Ethics and Institutions 

ACCT 5680          Accounting for Government and Not-for-Profit Organizations     

ACCT 5753           Accounting Internship   

ACCT 5755           Internship          

ACCT 5915            Seminar in Accounting  

ACCT 5930           Seminar in Accounting  

ACCT 5951            Independent Study        

ACCT 5952           Independent Study        

ACCT 5953           Independent Study        

ACCT 5955           Independent Study        

Culminating Experience (3)

ACCT 6960          MSA project (Culminating Experience)  

Zero unit required course (0)*

ACCT 5980          CPA Preparation & Practice

Total Units          33


In MSA and MSA 3:2 option, each course will have 15 weeks.  

Starting in Fall of AY 2023/24, all courses in MSA online option will have 15 weeks.

*Students are required to take ACCT 5980 twice before graduation.