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Project: Improving Working Memory in College Students

The CSUSB Learning Research Institute is currently recruiting participants for several Video Game Training Studies!  Our studies involve playing video games on an iPad or computer, and are designed to improve cognitive and perceptual abilities!

Please read through the following information to see if you are interested in participating.

Study Schedule

To participate in one of our studies, you must be available for up to 60 minutes each day (Monday through Friday) to play one of our video games. Training sessions may last up to 6 weeks, between 15-40 sessions of game play. In addition, assessments will be conducted at the beginning and end of each study. The exact protocol will depend on the current study and will be described to you in full before consenting to participate.


Previous studies have shown that using our games may lead to improvements in perceptual and cognitive abilities, which may also transfer to real world benefits!


Compensation for participating is our studies is $10 per hour. The total about of compensation will depend on the specific study protocol, as well as the number of training sessions that are required. In some cases, SONA research units may be used as compensation that can be used as extra credit in psychology courses.

Game Play

The games we use combine many principles that may lead to perceptual and cognitive improvement. However, we do not yet know the contribution of each individual principle to such improvement, or how various other factors may contribute to improvement. Your participation will help us improve the games we use and help us determine how different principles contribute to better cognitive function.

If you are interested in participating in one of our studies for this project, please select "Participant Inquiry Form" below and fill out some preliminary information. We will contact you in a follow-up email with specific study details once we receive this information.

Participant Inquiry Form

If you have an further questions, please contact the LRI at, or call the LRI at (909)637-5578.