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Learning Research Institute


Working toward a better understanding of student learning and classroom performance. The CSUSB Learning Research Institute (LRI) promotes an interdisciplinary scholarly focus on the student learning experience and how it may be improved. The Institute supports this focus by sponsoring and conducting research activities that examine the cognitive, neurobiological, and environmental variables that contribute to the academic success of our diverse student body. The Institute contributes to a campus culture supportive of student learning by hosting invited speakers, collaborating with other campus institutes, providing students the opportunity to be directly involved in the research process, and disseminating our research findings to the local and global communities.


The central goal of the LRI is to better understand student learning through cutting-edge scientific research designed to examine cognitive and neurobiological processes that contribute to classroom learning. Our research involves collaboration with CSUSB faculty, as well as highly respected researchers from other universities. CSUSB students play a significant role in the Institute‚Äôs research activities. The LRI provides support for students through scientific research education, training, and participation. A great deal of Institute resources are invested in students to provide them with the necessary research experience required for their advancement to academic and educational careers. At the LRI, we take great pride in the amount of support we provide to students and are committed to work hard to include as many CSUSB students as possible in our research in the future. Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in our work! If you are faculty member or researcher who is interested in collaborating with us, please email us. If you are a student who is interested in joining our team as a research assistant, please fill out our Research Assistant FormCo-Directors:Jason Reimer, Ph.D.Hideya Koshino, Ph.D.