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Emilio Rivera

Center for Global Innovation bldg., Faculty in the News
August 14, 2023

Annika Anderson (sociology), Rigaud Joseph (social work) and Paul Jones (social work lecturer) of CSUSB’s Project Rebound published a paper on the efficacy of programs that provide support services to formerly incarcerated college students, and Enrique Murillo Jr. (education) was mentioned in an article about the naming of LEAD Summit XII’s honorary chairs.

Dolores Huerta (left) is the madrina de honor/honorary chair, and Emilio Rivera is the padrino de honor/honorary chair for LEAD Summit XII, which takes place Sept. 29 at CSUSB.
August 10, 2023

Both are familiar with the summit’s theme, “¡Ya Basta! – Enough is Enough!: Education and Violence in the Context of our Schools, Community Safety, and Law-Enforcement,” having experienced different strands of it, said Enrique Murillo Jr., executive director of LEAD. Registration for LEAD Summit XII is now open online.