On a recent Thursday morning, a group of students, faculty and staff met for one of the year's last weekly pickup basketball games. Among them were faculty from half a dozen departments in three different colleges, staff members, undergraduate and graduate students, and alumni.

In the truly democratic setting of a sweaty basketball gym, these players had met weekly all year.

And they plan to keep the tradition going during the summer.

Other members of the campus community interested in playing (and letting out the stress of studies and work on the court) can join the hoopsters at 9 a.m. in the campus Recreation and Wellness Center on Wednesday mornings during the summer months.

The day and time of play may change each semester, so potential players should contact Thomas “T.C.” Corrigan, professor of communication studies, at corrigan@csusb.edu, to join the group's email list for the latest information.

Actual basketball skills are recommended but not required.