The Inland Empire and Coachella Valley Women’s Business Centers, both advocates of women entrepreneurs, are poised make an even greater impact with a $90,000 grant from US Bank.

The grant comes at a critical time when small businesses, particularly those led by women, are facing unprecedented challenges. With this additional support, the Women’s Business Centers will be able to expand their counseling, training and programs to reach more underserved small business owners and entrepreneurs.

The grant will facilitate the hiring of Spanish-speaking consultants, enhancing accessibility for non-English speakers. Additionally, it will fund the development of a learning management system to offer on-demand training, particularly benefiting those with scheduling constraints.

Targeting low- to moderate-income communities and women, the Women’s Business Centers tailor their programs to meet specific needs, including offering bilingual business planning programs to foster trust and support entrepreneurship within Latinx communities.

The effect of the centers' efforts is substantial. Over the past year, they've assisted in establishing 38 new businesses and creating 132 jobs while retaining and supporting 1,684 existing positions. Through workshops and counseling, they've equipped 1,235 clients with essential skills for success.

The grant from US Bank provides a significant opportunity for the Women’s Business Centers to expand their services, providing vital support for women entrepreneurs. With a shared commitment to women’s empowerment, these centers, founded in 2003 by Mike Stull, director of the Inland Empire Center for Entrepreneurship, continue to have a lasting impact on female entrepreneurs and their communities.

To learn more, visit the Inland Empire Women’s Business Center website and the Coachella Valley Women’s Business Center website.