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Pennsylvania primaries 2024: Lee and Fitzpatrick survive, matchups set for November
ABC News/538
April 23, 2024

Meredith Conroy, professor of political science and a 538 contributor, was one of the expert panelists on a liveblog who tracked the Pennsylvania primary election on April 23.  Her concluding thought:: “All told, the races today suggest that Republicans in Pennsylvania may be ‘learning from loss,’ as my fellow political scientist Seth Masket puts it. To ‘learn from loss’ is to change tack after certain efforts proved failed. The failed effort in 2022 was when the GOP nominated Doug Mastriano for the governor's race, who proved to be too extreme for the state. In Pennsylvania today, the GOP avoided nominating some of the more extreme candidates on the ballot in the 1st and 7th Districts.”

CSUSB professor participates on panel at ACSA Equity Institute

Angela Clark Louque, professor of education, was a panelist for a luncheon panel at the Association of California School Administrators Equity Institute conference, “Equity – Our Moral Obligation ... Leading with Courage, Character & Commitment,” which took place April 3-5 in Los Angeles. Louque discussed implicit and explicit biases, and how they impact Black and Brown students, and her work with school leaders.

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