The California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB) School of Entrepreneurship and Inland Empire Center for Entrepreneurship (IECE) proudly announce a new partnership with the city of Palm Desert to operate the city's iHub, an innovation focused business incubator and resource center.

This strategic collaboration aims to foster entrepreneurial growth and technological innovation within the vibrant Palm Desert community and the entire Coachella Valley.

The partnership leverages CSUSB's renowned expertise in entrepreneurship education and innovation alongside the city's commitment to cultivating a thriving business environment. The iHub serves as a focal point for aspiring entrepreneurs, startups and technology-driven enterprises seeking mentorship, resources and networking opportunities.

“We are thrilled about this partnership with the city of Palm Desert,” said Mike Stull, director of the CSUSB School of Entrepreneurship and IECE. “This collaboration reflects our dedication to nurturing a culture of innovation and supporting entrepreneurial endeavors. The iHub is an instrumental catalyst for empowering local businesses and driving economic growth.”

The iHub, which first opened in Nov. 2021 and houses CSUSB’s Institute for Public Management and Governance as well as the university’s hospitality management and cybersecurity programs, is designed to inspire, educate and connect entrepreneurs with industry experts and resources vital for success. CSUSB entrepreneurship faculty, staff, students and alumni actively participate in mentoring programs, providing invaluable guidance and expertise to the burgeoning entrepreneurial community.

“This partnership exemplifies our commitment to support businesses and communities throughout the Inland Empire and our role as an anchor institution in the Coachella Valley with nationally and internationally ranked programs,” said Tomás Gómez-Arias, dean of CSUSB’s Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration.

The co-working space at the Palm Desert iHub is ideal for home-based businesses, remote workers, business meetings and businesses relocating to Palm Desert which have not yet moved into a commercial space.

The iHub is located across the street from the CSUSB Palm Desert Campus at 37023 Cook Street, Suite 102. This proximity allows it access to the university’s CENIC optical fiber network that can be configured to operate at bandwidths up to 100Gbps. This bandwidth speed allows incubating businesses to develop products or conduct research at a faster speed than is available elsewhere within the city.

CSUSB sees this partnership as a transformative opportunity for Palm Desert, and by teaming up with the city of Palm Desert, aims to create a dynamic ecosystem that fosters innovation, creativity and economic development in the city.

The partnership underscores a mutual commitment to advancing technology, fostering collaboration and driving sustainable economic growth, and represents an exciting step toward positioning Palm Desert as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship in the region.

Visit the CSUSB Entrepreneurship website for more information about its many programs.

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