The Desert Healthcare District & Foundation has awarded a grant in the amount of $73,422 to the Cal State San Bernardino Palm Desert Campus to support its Nursing Street Medicine program.

Grant funds will be used to provide free healthcare services to individuals in the community through nurse and medical clinics, serving the homeless, unsheltered and vulnerable populations in the Coachella Valley.

Healthcare services will include assisting with COVID-19 testing, education and immunizations services, and providing care that diverts people from using the emergency room for primary care and non-urgent issues. Grant funds will also work to build the healthcare workforce by incorporating 32 BSN nursing students and six nursing student assistants in Nursing Street Medicine program activities for course credit or volunteer hours.

CSUSB Palm Desert Campus nursing students and faculty, led by Department of Nursing instructor Diane Vines, deliver vital services to members of the community, including wound care, foot soaks, triage, health assessments, checking vital signs and blood glucose levels, medications management, and preventative healthcare and education, among others.

“The funds from the Desert Healthcare District & Foundation will provide support for us to continue our efforts to grow our Nursing Street Medicine program,” said Diane Vines, street medicine program coordinator and CSUSB nursing faculty member. “We are providing much-needed healthcare services for homeless and unsheltered people in the Coachella Valley and preparing our future nurses to understand the needs of this vulnerable population.”

The team delivers a valuable service at no cost to those most economically in need of basic necessities. They also increase the number of registered nurses in the valley who have experience engaging vulnerable populations. As collaborative partners in the community, the Department of Nursing at the CSUSB Palm Desert Campus is creating and contributing to an educated healthcare workforce.

Nurse clinics are held at shelters, free food program locations, homeless encampments and at cooling/warming centers.

“Removing barriers to accessing healthcare is essential in our underserved communities,” said Chris Christensen, Desert Healthcare District & Foundation Interim CEO. “The CSUSB nursing program continues to be an important part of that outreach among the homeless and unsheltered population, and we support the work they’re doing.”

Visit the CSUSB Nursing Street Medicine webpage for more information about the program.

Also, visit the Desert Healthcare District & Foundation website at to learn more about its programs.

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