Undergraduate teams from the Cal State San Bernardino Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration (JHBC) performed exceptionally well at the 59th International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition (ICBSC).

The competition is a challenging event that serves universities, their students and the business community, providing students with an exciting learning experience in which they, in direct competition with other college teams, run a simulated company and have the opportunity to network with business executives and students from around the world.

Each CSUSB team took second place in their perspective categories at the competition, which this year was held at Cal State Long Beach, said CSUSB management, and accounting and finance lecturer Jose Navarrete Cruz, who served as the teams’ advisor.

The first CSUSB team, which took second place in the Best Reports category, was named 25tech and consisted of students Alexsa Navarrete (marketing), who served as chief executive officer (CEO), Joshua Purdy (finance), who was chief financial officer (CFO), Angela Alavez (human resources) as chief marketing officer (CMO), Lorena Cota (finance) as chief human resources officer (CHRO) and Cristina Murillo (finance) as chief operating officer (COO).

The second CSUSB team, which took second place in the Best Overall Performance category, was Tiger Protein, and was comprised of students Jocelyn Paz (entrepreneurship) as CEO, Kotaro Uda (finance) as CFO, Connor DeWine (accounting) as CMO, Estella Nguyen (accounting) as CHRO and Adam Hoshki (international business) as COO.

Navarrete said the competition was fierce, with teams coming from Arcadia University, Sacramento State, San Jose State, McMaster University in Canada, Long Beach State and UC Riverside.

“I am proud to report that both our teams received numerous compliments from the judges and advisors for their professionalism, positive attitude and readiness for the competition,” Navarrete said.

The students have expressed their sincere gratitude to the college for offering this opportunity. They have mentioned many times to Navarrete Cruz, “that this has been a life-changing experience” and this will surely leave a wonderful impact on their futures and careers.

Navarrete thanked Tomás Gómez-Arias, Jack H. Brown College dean, Anna Ni , associate dean, and Stella Qiu, management department chair, “for the opportunity to advise these students in this amazing competition.”

Navarrete said he was grateful for the opportunity to work with students at the competition.

“It is always an honor to be involved in events that allow students to get more out of school than just a degree,” he said.